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“I love you, but I just wish we didn’t fight as much as we do!”

couples counselingSometimes you might feel like you are talking in circles and having the same argument over and over again, wondering if you’re losing your mind. Do you feel like you are walking on eggshells in your own home? Sometimes it may seem like you are working so hard to keep it all together only to feel like your relationship is falling apart. It doesn’t have to be this way; there is help available.

At Valencia Relationship Institute, our therapists are here to help recreate the happiness and intimacy, that you have been missing, back into your life.


Couples Counseling Can Focus On:

  • Communication Styles and Breakdown
  • Trust Issues (Affairs/Infidelity)
  • Stress Management
  • Power Struggles
  • Parenting on the Same Page
  • Financial Stress
  • Conflict Resolution

We want to help you feel heard, understood, and appreciated. Find out how to start making positive changes in your relationship…

“Can’t we all just get along?”

family counselingWhat matters more to you than the health and happiness of your family? Nothing, right? However, we don’t recognize how important a strong, supportive family unit is to the well being of each individual within the family. At Valencia Relationship Institute, family counseling works to strengthen and nurture the complex relationships within families. At VRI, our therapists help to improve parenting and communication skills in order to strengthen parent-child relationships.

Rather than attempt to ‘fix’ the individual, we encourage the family to talk openly about these issues and attempt to find the root of the problem within an open discussion. Once we find the root of the problem, we can begin to provide the family with hope towards developing a close-knit relationship with one another.


Family Counseling can focus on:

  • Parent-Child Conflict
  • Blended and Step Families
  • Academic Struggles
  • Behavioral Issues
  • Substance Abuse
  • Divorce and Separation
  • Grief & Loss

Many families use family counseling as a way to help avoid potential problems in the event of major life changes, such as divorce or a new marriage. When divorced people who have children from a previous marriages decide to remarry, for instance, they often choose to go through VRI family counseling in order to talk through the expectations, concerns, and hopes of all family members so that there is a smooth transition.

Changes like these are never as stress-free as we think they will be. Family counseling is a positive way to help build trust to ensure a solid foundation for the new family you’re establishing. Showing that you’re there to support one another at the beginning is preventive medicine and will start you off to creating a healthy family.

It’s time to make your family a priority and feel better…

“How can I find happiness when things just
aren’t the way I want them to be?”

shutterstock_278035496It’s no secret: life has its ups and downs — the super highs and super lows. Even when things are good, you still might not feel as happy as you thought you would; this is not uncommon and you’re not alone. Even the happiest, most well-adjusted people encounter situations that make life difficult and need the resources to know how to deal with these challenges. That’s where individual counseling comes into play.


Have you ever thought:

  • “Why do these things keep happening to me?”
  • “How can I be as happy as everyone around me seems to be?”
  • “I’m not excited about much anymore.”
  • “My family and friends say they’ve noticed a change in me, but I can’t put my finger on what is wrong”
  • “I thought making more money/finding a partner/having kids would get me where I wanted to be, but it’s still not enough.”
  • “I have anxiety about work or social situations and I don’t know what the solution is.”

When you’re hurting, confused, worried, frightened, out of control or feeling overwhelmed, you may have difficulty dealing with certain aspects of your life on a daily basis. Sometimes you may just feel “paralyzed”……feeling as though you can’t even put one foot in front of the other. We are here to give our clients the necessary tools to find positive solutions and live a life they imagined. Individual counseling is a process that can assist in helping you find strategies to move forward, become “unstuck” and feel hopeful that today is the beginning of a more fulfilling life. Our experienced therapists at VRI are here to provide you with an open, supportive, warm and confidential environment to help you achieve the abundant life you deserve.

Let’s get started…

“How do I change my child’s or teen’s behavior
and gain back their respect?”


shutterstock_266923976Does your child or teen suffer from:

  • Sadness or anxiety?
  • Difficulty making friends?
  • Disobeying the house rules?
  • Back talk and disrespect?
  • Peer pressure and risky behaviors (drugs, alcohol, sex, running away)?
  • Thoughts or behaviors regarding self harm?
  • Anger or depression?
  • Behavioral struggles in school with peers and teachers?
  • Poor communication skills with you or other family members?

If you answered “YES” to any of the above, it’s time to consider parent and child counseling and feel better in your relationship.

Children struggle with numerous internal and external issues that stem from their families, school life, friendships and own mental health. We find that parents hurt when their child or teen is not succeeding. As a result, we specialize in working with the whole family, intermittently meeting with parents separately, as well as the children or teens.

For parents, raising any child or teenager is truly a lesson in patience, understanding, some negotiation and frustration tolerance. This process can be quite overwhelming at times, resulting in feeling inadequate, as though you are failing as parents because you have tried everything without much consistent success.

Let our child and teen experts bring a neutral presence into the mix and help you and your family find more happiness. Our goal is to help your family create a more loving relationship and give you a sense of peace, so everyone can feel better and more connected. Parent and Child/Teen Counseling provides an opportunity to increase communication skills and create a better understanding of expectations for each family member. More importantly, your child or teen will have their own opportunities to work with our experienced counselors and learn to get their feelings “heard” by using their voice with parents in a productive and respectful manner.

Take the next step for you and your child’s or teen’s happiness…

“What do we need to do now to ensure
our marriage will be successful?”


Pre-Wedding CounselingPre-wedding counseling has one fantastic advantage:

Learning how to communicate and work through problems is a lot easier before rather than after marriage. It will strengthen your chances of staying together and create a happy and healthy “forever.”

Before the wedding, you and your partner are still in the building stage — expectations are there, but it’s easier to be open about the issues that threaten future difficulty. By learning how to talk through the differences, you will form good habits that will carry you through the years.

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